Improving Bone Density<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2202

Improving Bone Density
Amy Havens
Class 2202

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Thank you Amy, this was a great class. Love the balance work at the end. Harder than it looks :)
Thank you! Loved the class. My back feels really long and strong.
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Awesome!!! loved all the different variations with the use of the jump board! Keep the Jump Board classes coming as I teach a ton of them and need the inspiration :) Thank you!
Than you ladies! REally appreciate all your comments!!
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Thanks Amy. Loved this class. It is a great class for osteo clients. My only comment is that the arm work on the jump board with body folded over the knees is challenging for anyone with arthritis in the knees.
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Hi Deborah...glad you enjoyed this work and can see it's appropriateness for osteo clients. Yes, good point about the body folded over the knees----maybe try prone on the long box and create it as a basic Swan or Swan prep? I appreciate you bringing this point up! :)

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Thanks for that suggestion regarding the long box Amy - that is just what I did. Glad to know that I was on the right track. And thank you for the excellent classes and tutorials that you do for Pilates Anytime, I have learned so much since registering one year ago. You have become one of my must watch faves.
Yesterdays class on variations I did w/you inspired me to try this too. I have old injuries that I'm (for decades) working on/with. It accumulated in SI scaring and instability 3yrs ago(began in high school with hip/knee). This was great for drawing me out of my slight, but constant rotations. I do a lot of fascia work (Carrie Gaynor is superb!). I added warrior 3 to the end and released a very small scar from within my knee, everything "unrotated" as I lifted easily up and out of the joint, no muscular effort-no stress or strain (to undo the twist in lower leg). it was phenomenal! Hats off for all of your creative well thought out and instructed work. The right thing at just the right time! thank you!
PS the SI scar I "took care of", and strengthened my core more appropriately so the instability was addressed there previously. poco a poco
Patricia P
Great class!!!! Love the hundred with the head down....still felt my abdominals, while working coordination and breath!!!
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