BOSU® for Active Agers
Erika Quest
Class 2208

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very nice work with elder people - beautiful
Thanks for watching, Katja! So fun having my Mom in class with me!
awesome class!
Thanks so much, Salpi!
Terrific, Erika. A wonderful change of pace to have something to offer to older clients.
Oh thanks so much for watching, Holly! This a subject very near and dear to my heart and protocols which are so needed in our line of work. All my best, Erika
Super Creative! Thanks for your energy and creative approach to working with seniors using a BOSU! Love this.
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Thank you so much!!! Cant wait to see my Grammas (clients) doing this in the class her at indonisia.
Thanks, David and Diogo for watching and commenting. I hope you'll be able to use some of these strategies with success with your Active Agers :)
What a great workout!! Thank you!
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