BOSU® for Active Agers
Erika Quest
Class 2208

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Thank you, Karisa for watching! I'll be back up at PA this weekend to shoot more Active Aging content on the reformer and trapeze, so stay tuned!
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Is this osteoporosis safe?
Depending on your client, Evelyn, I would be cautious of flexion such as Cat and Thoracic Rolling. But, most all of this class is absolutely safe for sure!
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I have many older adults in my practice and I will try these games with them. Thank you Erika. Always a pleasure to watch you.
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Thank YOU, Sandra for watching. I just shot two more Active Aging workouts to be released on PA soon. One reformer and one trapeze, so keep your eyes peeled.
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Great stuff Erika! I look forward to seeing more!
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Aw, Jen! Thanks for watching. I so appreciate it and YOU! Just got back from shooting more Active Aging (challenging) reformer and also a Trapeze, so more on the way for this awesome and important group of people!
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This is excellent. I am going to try with my 80-years-young client, however she is not quite as mobile as your two lovely models. But definitely some good stuff to give her for balance, gait and spine mobility. Thank you Erika!
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Great work out. I'm always looking for new ideas when teaching my seniors' class. Thank you and hopefully more workouts like this will come.
Thanks for the feedback, Bonne and Kathleen. In my studio, most of my clients are 50 plus and many in their 70-80s, which is why I am SO passionate about active aging. They all want to stay in their beautiful 3 story houses in Laguna Beach, so these strategies are super important AND working! Thanks for taking class!
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