Take Ownership of your Body<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2259

Take Ownership of your Body
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2259

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Awesome approach of the pilates positions by showing the movements in standing and then on the mat. Great explanation. Level is a little harder than 1. A great workout.
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Excellent progressions and again a well paced class which made the students aware of their own bodies and what works best for them. Great teaching material, thanks Benjamin!
Thomas and Josephine ~ Thank you for your feedback. After reviewing this class, we have decided to keep it at a level 1 because it would be safe for a beginning student. The workouts that follow this class in this progressive series are more challenging, so the level is higher for those. I hope you enjoy them as well!
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What a great approach to the fundamentals of Pilates! Love it!
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I love the idea of teaching the excercises first in standing and follow up in prone. A wonderful teacher,but tougher in parts than level 1
Fabulous - just fabulous! Thank you!
Benjamin you always surprise me, in a good way!! Thanks for the fun and break-down of exercises:)
Great voice and cues
Thank you Benjamin!
I just love your teaching style, so clear and deatailed!
Loved transferring the standing versions down to the mat. Shall be stealing some of your concepts for my Improver classes but also found it great for my own body! Thanks!
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