Full-Body Tower<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2263

Full-Body Tower
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2263

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Thank you:) i especially liked the rolldown with push through bar. Can we have a full studio workout from you next time?
Loved the backstroke and teaser variations. I think they'll be so much more accessible to many of my students than the traditional reformer exercises.
Thanks Benjamin! I really liked the flow between mat and tower exercises, the prep and... your cuing and energy were great!
Benjamin Degenhardt
Thanks so much—it's so wonderful to hear the feedback! ZA, you mean utilizing a variety of apparatus for a single session? That is a great request! Holly, it's true that in these variations I chose to use the Tower to provide support in the curl, which the Reformer typically resists. The Pilates system really shines in being able to magnify different aspects in each movement pattern, simply by applying the springs/load in different places. Let me know how you and your students get on! And thanks David, glad the energy comes through—we had so much fun filming this class!
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Yes exactly. That would be great, i feel like I am in the studio having a private class in your classes. Thank you once more.
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This was SO much fun to watch you filming, I have been anticipating its release so I can do it myself. It was even MORE fun doing it. Congrats my friend on another awesome, creative, and fun workout captured by Pilates Anytime. ??
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That was fun, a lot of work, but fun...thank you...
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Great session....definitely pulling some of this for mat too! Love the build to 100s, the build to backstroke & teaser, oh and the double leg stretch sequence. So much - even the cue of "under the water"....love love love thank you!
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awesome class, I would like to see a class adding the Pilates Chair.
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Loved the class! Can't wait to try it on my apparatus. I enjoy your cueing too.
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