Full-Body Tower<br>Benjamin Degenhardt<br>Class 2263

Full-Body Tower
Benjamin Degenhardt
Class 2263

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Benjamin ... Impeccable instruction: efficient, well timed, inspirational with gentle, consistent, and humorous encouragement. I love your style! You ladies were amazing, too! I literally saw your bodies respond to his instruction.
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I love the Backstroke!
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Oh I had so much fun with you Benjamin! I feel the energy..thank you. Next time you are in Europe ping me :)
Loved the class Benjamin! Especially the squats/rolldown with the push through bar, great prep for the standing arm spring variation!
As always, Benjamin you gave us a great class! lots of interesting variations and preparations for more advanced exercises! thank you so much, I enjoyed it a lot!
Hi Benjamin, I just finished your workshop in Canmore and I wanted to keep your work fresh in my mind. This class was perfect! Great cueing and nice pace. The next best thing to being in the same room??. Thanks!
Jennifer W
Such a treat to do this class again!! Always so much fun!
I love your sense of humour yet no information gets lost! You are kind, motivating, smart , gentle but pushy in the same time! I loved it! Thanks a lot!
Really appreciate the flow of each exercise, how they are built up progressively and the various tempos. Excellent challenge without compromising form. Wonderful movement- thank you!
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