Awareness of your Body<br>Shelly Power<br>Class 2268

Awareness of your Body
Shelly Power
Class 2268

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This class has extremely clear and intelligent cueing and logical sequencing. It was so helpful to do Brent's prep classes first and now Shellys class as a natural progression. Well done! BTW am so thankful for Pilates anytime!
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So happy you're sharing one more great class here at Pilates Anytime. I absolutely love your teaching. It is always filled with intelligent cuing and new insights into the exercises. Can't wait to come back to Miami!
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Hello Shelly, thank you so much for sharing your talent with all of us around the globe. I am currently in Harare Zimbabwe if you know where that is. Recovering from a hip replacement can be very daunting and this class has allowed me to feel courage, hope and accomplishment. Many thanks.
Great class!
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I am thankful that after going through training with Shelly that I can continue to move and learn movement with control! Thank you Shelly!
Amazing. So insightful. Greatly appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn from someone so knowledgeable of the craft,
Alexandra L
Excellent class, slow and thoughtful pacing with sensible sequencing. The continuous reminder "be gentle" was helpful for me to have a different experience of simple and familiar exercises. Thank you Shelly Power.
very helpful and clear! thanks!
Thank you very much, some very clever modifications and cueings. I loved it, looking forward to learn more from you.
That was one of the best classes I've done! The relations between the body parts are explained just perfectly. Thank you!
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