Challenging Reformer Flow<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 2286

Challenging Reformer Flow
Rael Isacowitz
Class 2286

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It is a sweet surprise to have this today! I hope to meet you in person this afternoon in Bhosphorous:))
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Beautiful work!
I agree with Rael: "Sara and Meredith are "well-tuned instruments." Very impressive. That looked like a very challenging workout, and they both did it with such grace. Bravo Ladies! Thank you!!!
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I love to watch you teach Rael! It was a great workout and as always, reinforces what I learned from you. Thank you!
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Thank you Rael - Your classes give me sooo much!
I wish we could watch a class with less trained people so we can see and learn how you work with that kind of customers.
Thanks for Sara and Meredith! I loved it!
I agree that it would help teachers to see less trained people, those who we often see who do Pilates once a week, usually don't remember the exercises, and need frequent correction. Thank you! Very much looking forward to finishing this workout (internet went down 15 mins in)- thanks Rael!
Dear Tamar and Robyn, I think your comments are very valid - thank you! I am sure Pilates Anytime will be open to this suggestion. I certainly would be more than happy to accommodate, and agree, teaching less trained people would be very valuable to observe the cueing, the exercises, and the structure of the session.
Dear ZA, I hope we met at Pilates Day on the Bospherous yesterday. It was such an incredible event and will certainly stand as one of the most impactful and meaningful of my career. Launching BASI Systems equipment at this amazing venue was a dream come true, and I could not have been prouder.
Rael unfortunately no I could not make it but I know the energy of your visit;) let me surprise you than by saying that I have been using Basi systems combo machine since May and it is exceptional, the ride, the quality and the design is unbeliavable!!! I am more than proud for Cengizhan and team as they have been unbeliavably supportive and still are...

Also, I have a copy of your book signed just for me and feel very lucky on that too;) i will catch you for sure in your next visit.
My deepest respects. Zeynep Armay
thank you Rael ,the class reminded me of the BASI teacher training i did . i was a refreshing moment , all of the details during the exercises.
looking forward for the next one
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