Challenging Reformer Flow<br>Rael Isacowitz<br>Class 2286

Challenging Reformer Flow
Rael Isacowitz
Class 2286

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What a fantastic way to start my week! Thank you for another great class. Personally, it helps me to watch trained teachers such as Meredith and Sarah. I immediately correct myself by listening to your cues and seeing them execute the movement. I look forward to your other classes that I know are coming soon!
Myriam Kane
What a Gift, Rael...great to hear your laugh and the details of the always. Beautiful work from Meredith and Sara...thank you!
Love his class always. Thank you :)
Dear Zeynep, I am thrilled to read your words and shared them with Cengiz Han. Thank you for all your support.
Michelle Perkins
Precision, control, strength, flow! Perfect BASI Pilates. Thanks Rael from Noosa
Taught with such passion. Love this class. Thank you Rael from Mullumbimby..
Paola Maruca
What an early morning treat...Awesome Rael......Loved it!!!!!!
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wow - wonderful inspiration and new ideas.
really clarifies and reinforces teaching points for me . tku so much.
amanda ling.
Lovely class, really enjoyed it , thank you Rael
Thank you Rael! I just loved your version of star prep… Amazing! I certainly wish I could've been there in person to have that extra little press on the back at the end. Although, I could almost feel you giving me that little stretch just by listening to you talk. What a way to start my weekend!
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