Energetic Reformer<br>John Garey<br>Class 2383

Energetic Reformer
John Garey
Class 2383

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Great! Can't believe how fast this one and that I was able to do it all! Going into my faves!
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I. Love it ! ... It was really nice to see here John!!
Really enjoyed this one, like having a 1:1 with you John! Would love to see you at the next STOTT UK Symposium:)
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Thank you john for a great class! Brings back great memories. I have missed you and so happy to see you here!
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Thank you all so much for the comments. The welcome I'm receiving here on PA is fantastic. It's really amazing to get such positive response about what we do for a living. Who else gets that at work? I just love my job! Can't wait to come back and work with Kristi and her team again...and again!
Michele M
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So much fun! Loved all the variations and plank work:) Thanks John!!
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I am so happy to finally see STOTT PIlates and especially John Garey on PA! Excellent workout! Wonderful sequence of exercises, nice modifications and perfect cueing! THANKS!!
Liron L
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Great class, amazing teaching. Loved having another Stott teacher here. Thank you. Next time advanced class (level 3)? TIA
Loved taking the class as much as I did watching you teach it the day you filmed it! Thank you so much!
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