Starting a Pilates Practice<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2388

Starting a Pilates Practice
Monica Wilson
Class 2388

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Great way to decompose and prep for each exercise ! 
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I'm a Pilates student and used this as an observation hour, but will do this for my self practice. I thought the barbershop poles along with other visual cues refreshing and clever. Thank you
Tetiana  K
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Great class and explanation, love it very much , refreshing for myself ( Pilates instructor for almost 10 years):)!!
I really like this class except for a few things.

It's supposed to be for complete newbies, like myself, and some of the exercises doesn't take into account that some of us have a bit of e belly and it can be difficult to for example crouch and reach our ankles. 

Also I think many of us beginners might have week neck muscles, so keeping the head and neck off the floor for a longtime is really painful.

So I wish there were more awarenesses on offering small modifications for the exercises, until we get stronger and better to control our powerhouse.

Otherwise I really like the teacher and the flow of the video!
Julie Lloyd
Wow, what a class!! An oldie but a goodie!! This really has made me switch on my powerhouse, and be aware of my Pilates box. I really enjoy Monica's classes! Thank you!!
Elyse D
 During the class are we supposed to engage our legs like you taught us in the beginning of the video or only when you tell us to?  Great class!!
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