Starting a Pilates Practice<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2388

Starting a Pilates Practice
Monica Wilson
Class 2388

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Really enjoyed this Monica , l am not new to Pilates but I found your approach so refreshing , I will be watching this again , thank you .
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Love your classes Monica. Are you planning on releasing the series at regular intervals?
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I loved this! How do I find the whole series of 10?
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Kathy ~ We are so glad to hear that you enjoyed this! We haven't published all of the series yet so there is still more to come!
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I really liked this class and am looking forward to working through all 10 classes. Will definitely do this class again.
Monica Wilson
So glad you are all enjoying it!
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I loved this class. Monica is such an excellent teacher. It was so good to start all over again!
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Enjoyed them so much! when will the next one be?
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Loved it. Could someone just list the classes in order? It's slow, but SO refreshing to hear the step by step from Monica!
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This was absolutely fantastic! I loved every minute- especially how you taught how to lengthen the muscles - it felt sooooo good! Thank you Monica
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