Fundamental Rebalancing Mat<br>Malcolm Muirhead<br>Class 2402

Fundamental Rebalancing Mat
Malcolm Muirhead
Class 2402

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Yay Malcolm!!! It's been a long time ;)
Let me know what you think folks! I have been asked back next year so tell me if their is anything you would like to see me teach. Coming very soon (filmed at the same time is a shared session with Michael King where we take a client through a Reformer Tower session.
I am so excited to see you back Malcolm!
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What brilliant precise teaching.More please
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Thank you Malcom for this great class ! I thought I was in a bad day today, but It do works, feeling lighter now ! And it's nice to see you again, as there's such a long time you didn't come to Switzerland...
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Thank you Malcolm, what a brilliant clear and concise session!
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thank you Malcolm, this was fantastic!! My best shoulder bridge and roll up since having my son nearly 2 years ago, I felt every vertebrae move, thank you!!
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Thanks for a great class, it's been way too long. You are a master of queuing. Must be time for another class in Bali or Australia
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What a fantastic class. I have enjoyed every minute of this class. please give us more knowledge with more classes. Thank you very much.
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Great imagery and technique. Thanks Malcolm
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