Fundamental Rebalancing Mat<br>Malcolm Muirhead<br>Class 2402

Fundamental Rebalancing Mat
Malcolm Muirhead
Class 2402

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That was a brilliant class! Thank you. Really well explained and inspiring for me as a teacher to see. Deeper understanding about the movement and the body.
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great class, nice to go back to the foundamentals, we tend to forget them(-:
Judith klein, Rotterdam

Agnes V
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What a lovely class Malcolm. Excellent explanations and queues!
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I did my original Pilates teacher training with you and Michael in 2000 and am still loving teaching Pilates nearly 16 years on. I was so lucky to have been taught by the best in the business and know that's why my classes are so busy. I just love this style of teaching...precise, mindful and challenging...excellent!
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I love your class and the technique
Please donĀ“t wait so Long for the next class
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This is undoubtedly the best instruction (and explanation) I've seen. Thanks for sharing!
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great instruction, thank you!!! will look for your further videos! love slow controlled work. thank you.
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This is a great class with super great ideas about setting up the mat exercises followed by simple, baby stepped, progressions and how and when to use them. It is helpful to hear how an exercise can go wrong and how to fix it. In general, with PA, I'd like more correcting going on in the classes. The students are always so experienced and lovely there isn't much going wrong. As a teacher I like to hear more about common mistakes and how other teachers might creatively solve these problems. Thanks!
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Great teaching Malcolm, I took so much of the this to my own classes. Please can you do swan dive, rolling back and push up next time. Thank you
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thank you Malcolm, this was a fantastic fundamental classe of Pilates. Please do more classes!
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