Fluid Mat Progressions<br>Michael King<br>Class 2421

Fluid Mat Progressions
Michael King
Class 2421

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Such a lovely class with a great instructor. Could listen to his voice all day as it really is calming.
Great class! Thanks Michael! :)
Challenging! Thank you for helping me find my weak and tight spots...The flow brings such positive psychological energy.
Agnes V
Wonderful!! I loved it. Thank you.
Tough class! Great standing work. The use of roller in the mermaid made for some wonderful stretches. Knee lifts and teaser require stamina. Really enjoyed michael
Very challenging and fun
Beautiful!!! I am very interested in your class. Please come to Seoul again ;) I should have taken your class some years ago in Seoul.
Patricia P
I love your classes, the music and the way you coreografh all the exercises. I am a dancer and I really appreciate the flow of your movements!!!!!
One of my best teachers ! Love u lessons Michael . Greetings from Germany
I loved this roller video. Great moves!
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