Radical Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Workshop 2451

Radical Reformer
Courtney Miller
Workshop 2451

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So, in order to purchase it I can not use the app, but when it is purchased I can view it on the app? Is that correct? I also, am interested in a possible manual.

Thank you!!
Jodie and Rebecca ~ You will always have access to any workshop you purchase, even if you cancel your account. You can take as long as you like to watch it, and you can watch as many times as you like. I hope you enjoy it!
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Doris and Brandi ~ The workshop cannot be purchased on the app, but you can purchase it on the full and mobile versions of the site. Once you have purchased it, you will be able to watch it on the app.
Fantastic Workshop. Easy to follow and understand.. Thank you Courtney. Hopefully one of these days I will actually get to attend one of your workshops. Please post more.
Gia Calhoun thanks for responding. I have another a question, if you purchased a workshop say for example in 2012, how do you access that workshop if its not showing in your account? Thanks.
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Jodie ~ To find all of your workshops that you have purchased, go to My Account and select Payment. Here you'll see a list of all of the workshops you own, along with links to them. I hope this helps!
Thank you Julie Frazer that helps a lot. :)
Kate V
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This is a really nice workshop! Thanks so much!
Thank you Courtney for this amazing workshop!!
I have some question for you.
In the block standing box around the world, if the reformer are low to the floor like allegro, is there any modification you recommend to perform that series?
In the cardio plank series, when you offer the option of the use of the box on the floor, for which kind of client it will be appropriate ?
Last question, is there any chance to receive the copy of the manual.. I will be more than happy to pay for it..
Thanks again for your clarity explaining all the series in this workshop.. I hope to see you in another workshop very soon.
Pamela P
Great workshop! I use STOTT equipment, also. I tried standing on the resistance band for the lunge series using the platform extender. I felt more stable threading the resistance band under the platform extender. Is this an acceptable modification? Thanks again!
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