Radical Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Workshop 2451

Radical Reformer
Courtney Miller
Workshop 2451

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Can I get PMA cecs for doing this?
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How do I pay, in order to see this Workshop?
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Connie ~ This workshop does not include PMA CECs. To view workshops that do, click this link. I hope you enjoy our workshops!
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Perla ~ To purchase a workshop, simply click "Buy Now" at the top of the page. I hope you enjoy it!
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THank you so much!
Thank you Courtney for an amazing workshop! I loved the breakdown of each exercise! Two questions: for the seated abduction/adduction in the lounge series could you perform the exercise in your C-curve if there is gripping in the hips? And for the front lunge series with the flex band you mentioned the footbar should be locked. Our studios have Stott reformers so Don't think that's possible. Could you put the band around the front foot? Thanks again :)
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Just purchased this and I'm looking forward to watching and trying out these creative ideas! Thanks
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Re Perla's query about purchasing workshops, I have the same problem if I access Pilates Anytime via the 'App' on my IPad. However if I access it via the Safari search engine I can purchase it as described by Julie.
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Hello, when you purchase this workshop will I have access to it for as long as I am a member of PA? I like to rewatch/review all the time. That would be great if thats so. Thanks.

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Just purchased this. Would hope I would have access to it for as long as I am a member? Can't wait to try it :)
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