Rhythm and Tempo Flow<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 2462

Rhythm and Tempo Flow
Amy Havens
Class 2462

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Great class, love doing something different!
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Loved the variations on coordination, knee stretch and eve's lunge. Musicality always makes us think and move differently. Really enjoyed the class.
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loved it! going straight to my favorites!
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Lovely choreography. Very creative and inspiring.
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Loved your class. The only problem I have with most adorable little Pilates teachers is because I am almost 6 feet tall fast tempos can be REALLY fast for me!
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Wow what a great flowing class i loved it ! Thank you .
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Thanks for a great Saturday morning workout!
feeling stretched and strong and ready for the day to come.
I always enjoy your classes Amy. thanks
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Amy! Yet another inspirational and thoughtful class! Loved every second! Thank you! :)
Lucie Bécus
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I enjoyed this a lot! The changing in tempo was quite fun, challenging and a good way to feel the work :)
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Love your classes, Amy! I always add rhythm in my classes too! (Professional Ballet background) I love how rhythm helps to add clarity and fluidity to the movement! Thank you for another great class!
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