Mind-Body Connection
Monica Wilson
Class 2472

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Emma, I am so happy you have found this amazing resource! Good for you to go through the beginner series and relay the foundation. I certainly do from time to time when life takes over. Thank you so much for your beautiful comment! Hope you are still enjoying the series, Monica:)
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You are brilliant. I used to do Pilates about 3 years back at the gym and gave up cos I kept hurting myself. Now I know why! You have these broken down so well. After every class in the class I can feel stronger and am able to do each exercise with proper form! Thanks so much
Anshika, I'm so glad to hear you are feeling stronger and are going through the series! When Pilates Anytime first asked me to be a regular instructor, I wanted to make sure I created a series where people could learn Pilates from a "what is Pilates" level to an intermediate level. I wanted people to feel strong and confident and that they could take on any class on PA. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying this class! Monica:)
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Thank you! This break down really helped me with my Teaser!!!
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One of my favourite classes so far! I feel like things are starting to come together for me.
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Can I ask, though, I’ve been doing each class twice, and finding that it really cements the work. Is that the best way forward?
Hi Fiona, Absolutely. I feel like I am balancing so many different things in my life right now that when it comes to learning something new, repeating it 3 times is a sure way to make sure I get it both in my mind and in my body. One of my Master Instructors taught me a good rule of thumb was to repeat the same workout for my client 5x’s before changing it up and adding something new. It is of course completely independent for everybody and where you are in your Pilates conditioning. It is equally important to keep things interesting:)
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Excellent! I’ll stay on class four for a few more times. It’s really the teaser that’s messing me up. Can’t keep my bowl of soup scooped in!
Hi Fiona, You inspired me to film a tutorial on how to set your self up for success to do the teaser. Look out for it next month:)
I will! And you’ll be happy to know I’ve moved onto class five. Done it three times now! Although it’s still early days ( three weeks now) I can feel how much stronger my core has gotten. It’s changed my life. My daily class is an amazing part of my day.
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