Tower for Creating Space<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 2540

Tower for Creating Space
Meredith Rogers
Class 2540

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I love the pace and relaxation and elongation 
Elizabeth great to hear!  Thank you for sharing your feedback!
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An oldie but still love the simplicity of movement. Thanks for your tower classes, Meredith. They are so peaceful. I always finish with such a long spine. Thank you.
Thank you for your feedback Lori M.  I appreciate that you always have something nice to say to me.  I should make another tower soon...just for you.
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Meredith Rogers Smiles. Thank you.
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Lv u and lv u classes Meredith! I have to say u are my favorite! I’m waiting for some new reformer and tower. I see u new mat which I love too. U are helping me learn and get through this pandemic. Thank u for u work!
Lynn W thank you so much!! Unfortunately, filming won't resume until summertime so sadly no new classes for a while.  Hopefully, you can find something in the archives in the meantime.  Hang in there!!
Taryn Upchurch
Meredith Rogers I might have been late to the party with this class, but it was lovely. Thank you!
Taryn Upchurch thank YOU!!  Hope all is well in your world!
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