Three-Dimensional Motion<br>Juan Nieto<br>Class 2555

Three-Dimensional Motion
Juan Nieto
Class 2555

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Thank you for that awesome class Juan.
So helpful for me & my circus clients.
More classes for athletes please :)
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Excellent class with emphasis on agility and mobilization for everyone.
Gracias, Juan! I enjoyed your class and it'll be helpful for my clients :)
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I really really really really really really love all of this!!!! for real!!
Juan Nieto
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Thanks guys for your kind comments! ??
Rafael H
It's fantastic. Good work!! I love you
Great system Juan, very intelligent and beneficial. Muchas Gracias.
I don't run and I absolutely loved this sequence! So different and creative. I feel like my body got smarter over the 50 minutes, especially my feet/hip connection. Thank you!
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Thanks for the class I really enjoyed. I work my feet quite a lot and most of the times I do feet exercises in my group classes as people loose their feet mobility with age. But what I felt great in these class was my open hips. Very good instructions, short and concise. Gracias!
Muchas gracias, excelente clase y explicaciones. Muy bueno para los corredores.
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