Deep Mind/Body Connection<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2579

Deep Mind/Body Connection
Courtney Miller
Class 2579

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I am 9 months post 4th baby and all of these exercises combined unlock all of my main baby holding and right pec as well as rounded shoulder ailments! Thanks lady!
I love this! Thank you so much for listening and delivering this. I am a Pilates instructor and 11 months post-partum and since moving overseas have no where to attend Pilates classes. My main issue has been observing my own alignment post pregnancy. I was able to check in and observe my own alignment during most of this class. It certainly helped with posture correction due to nursing too. Thanks again.
Congrats Courtney! I love your lessons - best of luck in your pregnancy. I also felt much more connected to my body...I have been teaching for over a decade but found that often I used my body instead of inhabited it. Pregnancy and postpartum changed that for the better and I'm forever grateful to my daughter for that lesson. Hope to take a training with you in the future. All the best!
Awesome class! Thought was eazy but was not! Love it, very challenging👍
Courtney, you are one of the best Pilates teachers I have ever seen. I just loved that class and can't wait to see the next ones. Congratulations on your pregnancy!
This was very challenging but your enthusiasm made it hard to allow myself to stop as I know it's all for the better for my body! I feel worked but stretched.....looking forward to more mat classes!
I really enjoyed this class. I have several pregnant students and found this class very helpful! Congrats to you. Motherhood is very amazing.
Congratulations! You'll be an amazing mother. You absolutely inspire me to be the best version on myself. Your knowledge of Pilates makes me strive to be a better Instructor. Thank you for all your amazing classes. Many blessings to you and baby 😊
Thank you, Courtney! I am your biggest fan ! Great class and your beautiful energy
Thanks Courtney! I'm not pregnant, but I really like this class too :)
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