Mat Workout
Courtney Miller
Class 2579

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I really love all of your class
Such a great overall class with so much good information woven throughout. I would imagine that with your strength, reslience, mindfullness and positive energy you had an awesome birth. Looking forward to your radiant face and upbeat spirit to lead us through some postpartum work in the new year!
Great Class! 30 weeks with baby 3!
Enjoyed this one, probably one of the more challenging pre natal workouts on here, which is great in wanting to keep muscles toned throughout pregnancy.
Great class!
Nice sesh....pregnant or not! Thank you
I liked everything about this class and I'm not even pregnant 😉 The standing work, the flow, the lizzard-squat thing.. Really nice!! Thx!
I go to this class over and over again, Courtney. Thank you for helping me throughout my first pregnancy! I started doing this workout at 4 months and now at 8 1/2 it's all feeling a bit more challenging to say the least! So appreciative.
Beautiful class Courtney!! thank you very much!!!!
OMG this class! I’m 24 weeks pregnant, and this class had my heart pumping and challenged me without being impossible. The plank series was so hard, but I tried too keep up where I could. I can’t wait to try this one again!
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