Prenatal Functional Reformer<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 2581

Prenatal Functional Reformer
Courtney Miller
Class 2581

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Congratulations, Courtney. Great class!
Me gustan mucho tus clases! Felicitaciones.
Another great one although i am not pregnant. Thank you so much.
Gerri M
I taught one of my gals who is not pregnant your first prenatal class and she exclaimed "you just broke my water!" Lover humor in Pilates!
Fun creative challenge for all...glad you are enjoying your journey
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Your combinations are ingenious!!! Thank you Courtney... its always a pleasure to be "in class" with you!
Congratulations Courtney!! This is the beginning of a new and wonderful phase in your lives. Nice balance work even if not pregnant.
Courtny - you are the best!!!! i love your classes so much.
Thank you and congratulation.
Great workout! The stretches were fabulous!! What a fun time of life for you!!! Enjoy every moment :)!!!
Thank you so much! I could not imagine giving up pilates during my pregnancy. You just made my day!
Myriam Kane
Wonderful class! My last pregnancy was almost 24 years ago :) but I look forward to sharing w my pregnant are a delight
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