Runity: Pilates for Runners
Juan Nieto
Workshop 2609

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Thank you for this very enlightening workshop. I have since registered for the Runity course offered in Sydney next month!
Juan mentioned in the workshop that their is some footwear that are more helpful than others. Would it be possible to get more information regarding this? I would like to get a little more running fit before the workshop with the correct footwear if possible. I am not actually a runner per se but this workshop gave me some inspiration "run like a human" - I love it!!
Thank you.
That was absolutely amazing! Very informative and I am awe stuck by the positive change in such a short space of time. Great workshop. Thank you so much to both Juan and Pilates anytime. Keep them coming :)
Any advice on it band syndome??
Thank you for a wonderfully informative workshop. I had one question. Was the treadmill set with an incline and if so at what percent. Not sure it was mentioned or if I missed it. Thank you!
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Hi Lynn, thanks for watching the videos. The treadmill was flat, no incline. We always use this setup for analysis and coaching.

Thanks so much.
Buen trabajo, Juan! Superinteresante ! He aprendido mucho con este curso and I'm excited to teach my clients all I have learnt!
Muchas gracias y mucho exito!!! (una madrilena que vive en USA)
The exercise in chapter 3 to address thoracic extension with the elbows on the box. Is it contraindicated for spondylosis?
Having some trouble re-watching individual videos. Keeps bouncing me to the final one.
Sarah ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble with this video. Which chapters are not playing for you? I just tried them all and they worked for me. I recommend restarting your computer to clear away the other processes that are running. If you continue to have trouble, please email us at
I found Runity workshop very informative and helpful. I'm excited to try the concepts out with clients and myself. I would love to take his entire Runity program. I've been trying to locate the Metronome ap Juan used during the program, do you have any information on that? Thanks again for the great workshop.
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