Unravel Holding Patterns<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2643

Unravel Holding Patterns
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2643

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Excellent class, nice tips. Thank you
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you both for your enthusiasm . I am glad you enjoyed the workout.
I loved the class and the opening of the upper body.
Are you going to give a class also for the hips?
Judith Klein , rotterdam, the Netherlands
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Love this class, Niedra! Sunny greetings from Egypt :)
Jennifer W
Fantastic! Feeling great and lots of useful information! I look forward to your class for hips!
Niedra Gabriel
Just filmed a hip class ladies, so it should post sometime soon.
I see two of you are over seas, Netherland and Egypt - WOW.
I am hosting a pilates/yoga 7 day retreat in Spain in September. If you would like more info contact me niedra@spirit-moves.com and I can send you the full details.
THAT was perfection. thank you!
Yardley C
So so good and so so needed. Yes, please more classes like these.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you ladies - wow !
I am thrilled you get it.
Trisha Donnelly
My massage was cancelled so I did this for my shoulders,ouch!!
Can't wait for the hips.
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