Tie Everything Together<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2646

Tie Everything Together
Monica Wilson
Class 2646

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excellent class, nice cues and flow. Your teaching style is enjoyable.
To me, this class is a moderate pace, which I prefer. I'm glad I found your class since I usually don't enjoy the deliberate pace. Some of Meredith Rogers classes are marked "moderate" and (to me) they are painfully deliberate and slow. Who makes the decision what pace a class is?
Thanks for helping me be a better teacher.
Anne ~ Thank you for your forum post. Deciding the pace and the level of the class can be very subjective, and we try to choose the best one for each video. We will try to make sure the pace we choose for each class is consistent. We are glad to hear that you enjoyed Monica's class!
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I have noticed that there are not many other teachers on here who talk about Pilates stance. Is that an old school way to teach?
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love it ! thank you
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another way to end your day, thank you
Monica Wilson
I'm so glad you enjoyed it Julia:)
Monica Wilson
Anne, Ash, Sheida! I'm so sorry I never touched base. I hope you continue to enjoy Pilates Anytime and please let me know if you'd like to see more of something in the future. In regards to "Pilates stance", this is a term Romana used to explain the exact position of the feet where they are heels together, toes about 2-3 inches apart. We adjust this accordingly when working individually with our clients for their body structure and the exercise. Thank you for your questions and feedback! Monica
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Excellent cues and very nice flow to this class. Thank you!
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Great class. I enjoy your teaching style. I said "ouch!" a few times as I've not been faithful in my Pilates workouts. Thx so much.
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