Tie Everything Together<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2646

Tie Everything Together
Monica Wilson
Class 2646

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A very comprehensive class as one excercise lays the basis for the next. Loved the breakdown of open leg rocker and teaser. The idea of drawing in abdominal muscles and the tilt of the pelvis really helps with rounding of the low back
Monica Wilson
Hi Sharon! I’m so glad you enjoyed this class and we’re able to get more out of your Open Leg Rocker and Teaser. Thank you for your comment! Monica:)
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I love Monica Wilson’s teaching style, and the pace is perfect for beginners. I would like to learn the roll-over for some of the other Level 1/2-2 classes on PA but it wasn’t taught in Monica’s 10 progressive lessons that help you start from a beginner and move up to intermediate level. Where can I learn it from Monica- is there a video where she explains this movement? Thanks for any help...
Maureen ~ Monica actually has a tutorial on the Roll Over that you may find helpful. You can find it here. I hope you enjoy it!
Monica Wilson
Thanks Gia!:)
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Mónica you are an Excelent+++Teacher. I finally finished the 10 classes. Thank you infinitelly.
Monica Wilson
Thank you so much Marcela! Very sweet of you. It gives me great joy you enjoyed this series!
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Your way of teaching exercises is excellent...I like your every single video...thank you Monica Wilson
Monica Wilson
Your always so kind Cigdem! Thank you for being such a loyal follower!
Thank you for your marvelous classes. I have been taking your classes for years, from Nova Scotia to Florida to British Columbia via Texas and Karen Sanzo. It is so helpful for me to know I can always take your class and enjoy your kind, supportive and encouraging teaching style. I just want you to know how much I appreciate you.
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