Tie Everything Together<br>Monica Wilson<br>Class 2646

Tie Everything Together
Monica Wilson
Class 2646

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Monica Wilson
Thank you so much Joan! I love all feedback but it sure is nice to hear such kind words. Thank you for taking the time! Monica:)
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I love you Monica Wilson , you are such a great resource for teachers and students. I wanted lo let you know. I appreciate your work. Kind regards.
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Monica thank you very much for this amazing series... It helped me A LOT... I can do now most of the things I couldn't do before..
Your teaching and cueing are fantastic 
I love your classes
Your teaching style is perfect as ever: I really enjoyed the whole series...thank you a lot Monica
Anna R
Hi Monica, I’ve just finished the 10 sessions of your Starter Series and absolutely loved doing it! The imagery that you use makes so much sense and helped a lot of things fall into place for me. Really liked the pace of the classes too. I also took your advice and did a couple of the later sessions more than once, which I really benefited from. Have done quite a few of your different classes now and really enjoy them all. Many thanks.
Monica Wilson
Hi Anna, what a wonderful comment! I am so glad you enjoyed the series and benefited so much from it! I am sure you are well on your way to be able to enjoy a whole bunch of mat classes. Be sure  to check out classes 3677 and 3688. You’ll also find a playlist attached that has some of my favorite classes to follow up this beginner series with. Enjoy!
Joanna T
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Loved this - thank you! I have joined Pilates Anytime during lockdown, practising 5 times a week now, and I’ve really noticed that I’m getting stronger over this course. This final class consolidated that for me and I will return to it - thank you. X
Monica Wilson
So great to hear Joanna! I am so glad you enjoyed this series and have been able to get stronger! To be able to come out out of this pandemic a better, stronger you is an awesome achievement!
Renee B
As a beginner without any pilates instructors nearby, I appreciated this series so much. ❤️
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