Feet to Spine<br>Amy Taylor Alpers<br>Tutorial 2662

Feet to Spine
Amy Taylor Alpers
Tutorial 2662

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and after I have seen the other workouts with this topic I would like to ask you for more details on this concept. I always feel strange when I adapt cues that are pretty abstract without really understanding the facts..The connection to the lungs for example. Are you referring to the idea of diaphragms working together, or is it the fascial connection? It would be wonderful to hear the theory behind this!
Hi Silke Great question. I'm mostly referring to the fascial link system from the arch of the foot, via posterior tibialis to adductors to psoas to diaphragm. They are all connected through a fascial line. I saw a wonderful Tom Myers video of an actual human dissection of this line and it totally validated my already existing understanding of this. And yes, 2 springs for swan. Be sure you are truly standing/pushing with the feet - arches to psoas/abs - to support your back. Keep a small prayer foot and don't lean on the box with your quads. Stay on your feet. let me know if this all makes sense. Amy
Thank You for an informative tutorial.
Darien G
So clear and logical, 😊 Very helpful! Thank you, Amy..
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