Mat Workout<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2688

Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2688

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I am very happy to see this class and cant wait to try it. Thanlk you very much Niedra.
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Niedra I just love your teaching and your whole approach. Thank you for such delightful sessions.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Za and Kate for sharing your comments on this forum, I am so glad you are enjoying these classes. ZA I see you live in Turkey, I will be in Spain hosting 2 retreats in septmber where we include yoga and pilates daily practice> if you wanted to know more about this please email me directly
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I loved the release I got using the balls! A life changer and look forward to sharing it with my clients. You're awesome Niedra! Thank you...
Niedra Gabriel
wonderful to read this comment Lissa, so glad you are benefitting from this work - I know! it can make a difference!
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I love your classes.
I live in the Netherlands.will email yto get infp over your classes in Spain.
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Wonderful Class! I just performed the first 20 minutes before work and noticed a substantial opening of my low back during my forward bend! I can't wait to complete the whole class! Thank you.
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Diane and Judith, so glad to read your comments and that you found this class effective. More coming soon.
Charlotte H
brilliant! love your opening section for hips and lower back and your brilliant instruction for rolling like a ball and seal!!!
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you Charlotte, so glad you enjoyed this class.
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