Mat Workout<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 2688

Mat Workout
Niedra Gabriel
Class 2688

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Great class. Interesting concept of using the balls and getting some stretch in those muscles. Ouch! Thx so much for sharing. Wendy still in Colorado
Niedra Gabriel
Wendy, so happy to know you get that this work is intense, mostly because of it breaking up stagnation in the joint and allowing some mobility back again. enjoy Colorado....
Hi Niedra, I really love your theraputic classes. I have an old whiplash injury. It's pretty chronic. I'm currently doing the "graston" method with my chiropractor to break up all the old scar tissue and there's a lot of it. I got this injury a decade ago. I had got a pinched nerve in my neck and had to have a tonsillectomy and I had a tonsillectomy fail. The foundation classes are the most effective in helping me heal. Can do a magic circle class that incorporates.... neck exercises? My physical therapist highly recommended using the magic circle to build strength in my neck because we are literally starting over. I love this class. It's magic. I can feel tension release all the way up to my neck.

Thank you,
Niedra Gabriel
Thank you for sharing all this Taganas, how fabulous that you are on this journey of recovery. The concept of a magic circle class is very interesting. I will keep it in mind next time we film.
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great class, thank you! I always enjoy your lessons. ~Feeling stretched out for the day!
Abeth F
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Beautiful class!  I feel so much more lengthened and mobile.  My hips and back thank you! Just found you and really appreciate your teaching style!
Niedra Gabriel
thanks Abeth, I am delighted to know that you enjoyed this class and my style of teaching.  Keep moving - it is the magic of these times, you have time for your own health!  
Rebecca B
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Thank you, Niedra. many times over. This class was very helpful, and now that I have done 55 pilates workouts (most of them yours) since January 30, this was the first time I was able to get my feet backward over my head (seal). Also I was proud of myself for keeping up in a class where there were other teachers! :) My self perception has never been one of being anywhere near athletic. 
And I am always so much looser after your workouts. 
Niedra Gabriel
Thank Rebecca you , wow 55 classes , well done! Smiling at your joy, it is so good to celebrate accomplishments and successes! You are more of an athlete than you realized, it is a way of life, not a "look"
Laura Maria
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amazing hip release--the one leg circle after felt completely differet...need to do this one more often. thanks!
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