Madeline's Movements Part 2<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 2717

Madeline's Movements Part 2
Madeline Black
Class 2717

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Beautiful sequence Madeline. Can you expand a bit on the 'pelvic flicking?'
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Love this series. Thanks Madeline!
Madeline Black
Thanks Sandy, the flicking is in the front area of the pelvic floor, it is quick and rapid. Hope that helps!
Loved it, still unsure about the pelvic "flicking"??? Loved the bridge/ piriformis work. Don't quite understand the drawing of the leg and opposite in the single leg stretch?
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Very good efficient 20 minute workout! Loved it!
Opposite shin..I meant to add!
This is yoga not Pilates!!!!!
Madeline Black
Hi Lori, my sequence is not traditional mat progression, I agree. It is a sequence I practice combining the Arm supported mat work such a Front support or also seen as yoga plank. Yoga and Pilates share similar movements. I love the benefits of both, I hope that you enjoyed this sequence.
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Addding yoga moves to Pilates has got to be a good thing. Pilates is seriously lacking in flexibility work in my opinion.
Madeline Black
Sharon, I think you are exerting to my cure to draw the straight leg into the socket rather than reach it away in single leg stretch. The head of the femur will approximate into the socket and activate the psoas to fully engage the core. Hope this helps!
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