Madeline's Movements Part 2<br>Madeline Black<br>Class 2717

Madeline's Movements Part 2
Madeline Black
Class 2717

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This was great Madeline. Very unique and different. I love your work. I did find the pelvic flicking a little challenging in that position, looks like something I can work on.
Sharon T
The Part 1 moves are wonderful, especially for feet and thoracics. Good prep for Part 2, which I found plenty challenging. Count me as a fan.
Thank you, this are great. My son joined me and asked for part 3!
is the pelvic flicking another term for kegels?
Madeline Black
The flicking is more specific, you contract the urethra area, front part of the pelvic floor as fast as you can. Keep your sitz bones wide. Hope this helps!
Nice movement, different exercises, mix things up a bit! Thanks!
Bonnie Baranowski
I enjoy your teaching. The foot massages and the specifics of this video and all your videos are exquisite. The flicking was a question for me also, and I know as I practice this routine I will get it. I am continuing my PA membership because of you, have your book, and hope to go to your training someday. Thank you!
Madeline Black
Thank you Bonnie Baran , I appreciate your comment, made me smile!
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Enjoyed this flow, and bridging variations, loved the cues for single leg stretch, thanks! :)
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Glad I pulled this one up from my playlist because it's great!
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