Fascia in Motion<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Workshop 2748

Fascia in Motion
Elizabeth Larkam
Workshop 2748

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Jennifer, this collection of video clips is hosted by Pilates Anytime in support of my book, Fascia in Motion from Handspring Publishing. There is no test associated with this collection. It is available to people who have my book and use the video clips to enhance their experience of fascia focused Pilates.
I'm having a hard time cross referencing the book with the videos. The book tells the spring weight settings but I can't find the corresponding videos to the exercises. What do I do?

Mia, thank you for studying my book and these videos. There is not an exact correlation between the PilatesAnytime classes and the book because I created them at separate times for separate purposes. I suggest studying the book first and augmenting your understanding with supporting video clips from Pilates Anytime.
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