Fascia in Motion<br>Elizabeth Larkam<br>Workshop 2748

Fascia in Motion
Elizabeth Larkam
Workshop 2748

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Where am I able to find or purchase the coupon to access these videos? Think they could be very useful for me! Thank you!
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Where do you purchase/obtain the coupon for these videos?
Cath, the Fascia in Motion Workshop I filmed with Tom Myers is available for viewing by purchase from PilatesAnytime. My own Fascia in Motion collection was created to accompany my book that was published September 2017. This book, titled Fascia in Motion, is published by Handspring. The book has a code that gives access to the videos. This collection of video clips from the classes I have filmed for Pilates Anytime 2012 through 2016 is designed to accompany the book text, photos and case studies.
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Thanks Elizabeth Larkam ...I'll go search for the book now. I love your work
Elizabeth, where in the book is the code information? I have had the book since it came out & wasn't aware of the video clips.
Lisa, page xvii of "Facia in Motion" is the section 'How to use this book'. It states the redemption code and explains how to read the QR codes with your mobile device. You can view 127 video clips. I hope these videos add to your enjoyment of the book and increase its value to you.
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Elizabeth, i recently received your book as a gift from a wonderful client. Im so glad that the book includes use of the videos . My pilates business is restorative/therapeutically based so i look forward to exploring the chapters! Its nice to see that fascia is getting its well deserved attention. Thank you for your work! Oh, and once at POT in D.C. i had the pleasure of eating lunch between you and Alan Herdman. My Pilates geek out moment!
Wonderful to hear from you Jarvis! I remember our lunch at Pilates on Tour in Washington DC. Thank you very much for your support of my Book. I trust it will serve you and your clients.
Where do I reedeem the coupon?
Mary, here are the steps to viewing the selected video clips from my PilatesAnytime classes 2012-2016. These clips were assembled to accompany the photos in my book, Fascia in Motion published late September 2017 by Handspring Publishing. The next comment will list the steps since there is not room to list them in this comment.I’ll continue next comment...
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