Deep Neck Flexors<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 2750

Deep Neck Flexors
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 2750

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I always learn something new with Karen, a true master educator. Thanks Karen!
Karen Sanzo
This. This. Is one of my all time favorite concepts to teach. Especially to athletes. Especially to individuals who participate in variety of activities. It creates a good understanding between the core of the neck in various body positions.
Thank you, Lori, for first response.
Thank you Karen for this tutorial on the neck .i really gained a lot from your beginner series and have used your techniques regarding the neck to my students. This tutorial was very interesting and once again I have learnt so much . You can see how passionate you are and I hope you will do more of these short tutorials . Thank you .
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Thank you, what an insightful tutorial, and so good to see the incorrect movements first followed by the better ones. Will be bringing this awareness first to my practice and then to my classes.
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Love this tutorial. Grateful for wonderful trainer like Karen. Going to watch it again
I love Karen tutorials and classes, she has excellent and inspirational ideas about exercises and how to create awareness e more body alignment
Brand New
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In todays forward head society this is such an important concept to get as an instructor. Thank you for helping me with wonderful cues and in training the eye.
Thank you! I think I've been using the cue "pull your face into your skull" since Pilates on Tour in Phoenix, now I know who I should be giving the credit to! Thank for your fantastic cues and for sharing your wealth of knowledge!
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Thank You. Love it
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