Cadillac for Weight Lifters
Karen Sanzo
Class 2754

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Way to go Nora, I hadn't seen her, I don't think, since we acquired Angel. You both look wonderful and as always Karen great class!!!
Oh goodness. Comments now from friends who knew my kids when they were little. BRENDA----COME ON OVER TO PU !!!
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Love it...all of it! Even the explanation of the intent when you repeat one side vs alternate....and drop vs drip! thank you!
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AAAwwweeee, what a great class!!! Thank you so much. İ do hugs every day; and it's like therapy .
Hugs for sure are the best! Thank you for commenting. Visiting pilates anytime soon, with more content, tutorials, lessons and movement.
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I have lots of athletes and cross fitters , they will love this work :)

Great class Karen I love your style of teaching. Encore!!!
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