The 'It' Factor<br>John Garey<br>Tutorial 2767

The 'It' Factor
John Garey
Tutorial 2767

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I really enjoyed this talk John, thank you. I have a class in an hour and a half and will be putting your inspiring advice into play!
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Now that was inspiring!! thank you John
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thanks John, -
one thing is for sure : YOU got it!
loved it!
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Yes! Thank you so much John and yes you got it!!
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Great Charisma, John! You definitely got it !!!
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Wow, I feel so inspired after watching this video; thank you!
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I watched this last night before bed, and been thinking on it all day. It was just what I needed a good pep talk. I've been on the fence lately about getting back out in a public setting and teach group again.. its been years. I teach privately from home and lately have felt like maybe I have put myself in a small box. i do miss the interaction with other teachers and feel isolated on occasion.. but i gear towards one on ones. So you really have me thinking. i have an interview this week in a studio and am so nervous about teaching in public again!! thanks for words of inspiration John. I think i need your book!
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Hard to speak of the "it" factor unless you have it, and clearly you do! I love teaching Pilates and you just re-enforced that for me. Thank you John, you're awesome!!
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Wonderful!!! I completely agree!!!!
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I think all instructors should listen to this. I would like to see more instructors give their definition of the 'it' factor.
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