The 'It' Factor<br>John Garey<br>Tutorial 2767

The 'It' Factor
John Garey
Tutorial 2767

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Really great advice! :))) Thank you!
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John Garey is the best. Thank you always for your generosity of spirit and knowledge. I am totally taking it to heart and hope to take some CEC's with you soon!
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This is fantastic advice. Every new instructor should watch this. You've demystified some of the most important aspects of teaching, things that aren't always addressed in instructor training programs. What you've outlined here doesn't just apply to the Pilates instructor. This is solid advice for anyone who teaches anything. Thank you!
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Awesome advice! Thank you.
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Thank you John . I love where you are coming from in this talk . "It" really "is" about loving what you do and having fun . The "It " shines through iif we engage with our clients on all these level you discuss .
One of the reasons John Gary has been a true inspiration to me and to others as an Instructor is that radiant smile and openness and the fact that John, YOU actually look like you LOVE what you do ...put that into the mix with SUPER workouts and hey presto ... jackpot . When I'm
Having a " am I a good enough Instructor " phase, I'll replay this 10 minutes of good advice and move on .
Ps I keep those texts from clients telling me how they loved a class or how good they feel after a class , those texts or posts that made "my day" , and pull them out when I need a bit of reassurance that I am doing "It" right ! We love u JG
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Thank you everyone! I'm really happy that this has hit a good note with you all. Live and teach with passion and the world is yours! :)
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Thanks so much, John for articulating what I intuitively felt! This certainly gives us the ability as teachers to deepen our connection with our clients, which is really what inspires at the end of the day, yes?! LOVE your classes, by the way! Thank you for condensing years of experience into 10 minutes!!!
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Thanks John! I am a newbie. Right out of school and finishing my apprenticeship. I am drawn towards authentic people. To me, being authentic leads into "it"!
Would love to hear more on this topic:factors that make a great teacher.
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Thanks John! This was right on time for me. It has inspired me to continue to work on bringing "IT" every day! Well said!
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Thank you John! I really love this talk! You inspired me.
I hate to lie down in lines, I put my mat in the middle of the room and I turn between the class to see everybody and spend everybody a smile and I hope I can give a feeling we work out all together….
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