Light and Buoyant Mat
Amy Havens
Class 2783

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Amy, that was a great inspiration! I will definitely use the idea in my class. Thank you!
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Love working with the bands! Thank you for a great class😀
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Thank you! Loved using the band!
Thank you all so really know how to keep me inspired! :)
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Feeling buoyant Amy. Great use of the band.. Really enjoyed this class. Will repeat.
Theresa....thank you! YES, buoyant!!! :)
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What a treat! I work from home three days a week, so getting out and moving is sometimes a bit tricky - this workout fit perfectly into my lunch break and left me feeling energised, flexible and relaxed. Thanks Amy Havens, you are amazing!
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I don't know how I missed this class. But I'm glad I took it now. I especially loved the band for the chest lifts,100's, and roll ups. Great tool to use for feedback to connecting the front to the back. Thank you, Amy!
Sara -- thank you! :)
Laurie -- glad you stumbled upon this class, and enjoyed the use of the band. It's a great tool for feedback for sure. :)
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