Improving Extension in Dance<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Class 2792

Improving Extension in Dance
Karen Clippinger
Class 2792

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Very smart.
Thank you Karen very much for sharing your expertise.
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Interesting work but quite challanging for non dancers. Thank you for a change of approach.
Karen Clippinger
Thank you for your kind comments and I am so glad you liked it.
Thank you for being open to trying something new and challenging. If you decide to do the class regularly, I think you will find some really lovely changes in flexibility and strength in your body. It is always amazing to see bodies change when I teach this in a semester format.
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I will take the class regularly and keep you informed;)) thank you for sharing it on PA🙏
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Brilliant flow of unique exercises and amazing cueing. I will enjoy this one many times again!
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It was a wonderful class!
Loved it
I'm not a dancer but i really LOVED this class. We have been renovating and my time has been so limited. Woke up with sciatic symptoms this morning. After doing this class they are completely gone. Of course this class is challenging, how are we to grow if we are not challenged? Hope to see you again, I love PA!
Karen Clippinger
Thank you Pilates Barre :) ,Jennifer, and Rachel for all for your support and enthusiasm.
And Denee, so glad that you went for the challenge and loved it!
Nice work!thanks
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