Improving Extension in Dance<br>Karen Clippinger<br>Class 2792

Improving Extension in Dance
Karen Clippinger
Class 2792

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I loved the challenge, flow and new ideas. I'll borrow some of those for my non-dancing clients ! Thanks a lot Karen :))
Karen Clippinger
So glad you found it beneficial.
Karen Clippinger
Thank you. So glad you are going to bring some of this to non-dancing clients. When I taught mixed classes, I kept finding the non-dancers wanted to do the dancer's exercises and I found they really grew in dynamic flexibility and stability.
I don't have a dance background and appreciated this unique and creative flow. Thank you! :)
I liked the developpe work for sure and the focus on dancers. I would have liked to see more clarity in instruction. For example, in side leg work, please mention which strap goes on the thigh (the one closest or the one further away). Things like that for unilateral work. Also, during bridging, the head rest was up or down? I assumed down. In kneeling arabesque, where should the hands be? On the carriage or frame? Those smaller things would have been better addressed. I still liked the workout though.
love this....plan to practice this on reformer & on the mat. Gorgeous sequences & wonderful cueing....has anyone ever told you that you sound like Mary Steenburgen? thank you thank you!
Thank you Karen. I enjoyed your class even as a non-dancer. Sorry I missed you at the Sunshine Coast Course here in Australia and hope you enjoyed the sightseeing albeit the heat :)
Karen Clippinger
Bahareh and Galina:
I am so glad you liked the workout and thanks for your enthusiasm.
Karen Clippinger
I will keep your comments in mind for the next on-line class I do. The headrest was down for the entire workout. The hands were on the front of the carriage for the kneeling arabesque.
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