Freedom of the Shoulders<br>Cara R. & Jeremy L.<br>Workshop 2807

Freedom of the Shoulders
Cara R. & Jeremy L.
Workshop 2807

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Thank you so much for the workshop, it helped me to understand the scapular much better and easier.
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Thank you for watching Hai Bin let me know if you have any questions.
Lucie Bécus
Having taken courses from Cara and Jeremy before, I was excited to see this here! Some of it was new and some a refresher that just seemed to sink in and make more sense this time around

This morning after watching the videos last night, I had a regular student come for her weekly private - a spunky 72-year-old. She said to me this morning - 'sometimes I am just not sure where my scapula should be?' I wanted to check out in the hall and see if Jeremy and Cara were there and had primed her with this question!! I told her about the cape, we did some wall exercises and talked about the rotation of her arm bones and she got it! She left today and said - I am going home to put on a real cape and practice! I just love when what I learn has practical application, and is easy to share and easy to comprehend by students and teachers alike! Thank you for an informative and useful workshop!
Lucie Bécus this is so great to hear! Thank you for taking the time to comment! We hope we'll see you soon!
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Yes, thank you Lucie Bécus see you at a course soon I hope.
Loved the workshop! during the beigining you mention a handout but I couldn't find it. Is it still available?
Hi Lisa ! I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop. I misspoke - the "handout" is really just a list of references. I thought it was available for download when you watch the workshop, but I don't see it. If you want to email me at, I'll send it to you!
I loved the camera angles used in this workshop.  The presenters were great as well as Laura!  I really loved how it was all applied in the mat class. 
Thanks for watching, Tracy ! We agree that the Pilates Anytime crew did a great job filming this one!
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