Standing Parasetter MINIS™<br>Marika Molnar<br>Class 2811

Standing Parasetter MINIS™
Marika Molnar
Class 2811

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Amazing Mat workout with Marika Molnar.
I was so excited to see this video. I bought the mini's a few months ago and haven't used them very much.I really like all the exercises and will add them in.
FYI I have the Parasetter too. I use it all most everyday. I have some clients who come early just to warm up on it. Thank you for making these very useful tools. I hope to take one of your workshops one day.
Fabulous! Thank you for the detailed explanation.
I'm a UPS driver who takes 20,000 steps a day.
Having been through foot surgery these exercises can help me greatly. Namely protect knees and ankles.
Madeline Black
Thank you Marika for movement to enhance our connection to our feet and whole body response! Love it!
Great class! Love working on the feet.
Can you get the mini's in Australia? The cost of shipping from US is twice the price of the product.
looks easy but it takes so much concentration -- your brain and body will thank you for this effort. jb
Would love to buy some! Is it possible to buy the parasetters in U.K.? Have looked online but no success yet.
Robyn and Sarah ~ The Parasetter and Minis can both be purchased in the PhysicalMind Store. I'm not sure what their shipping options are, but I would contact PhysicalMind to inquire about international shipping.
Many thanks, Gia. I will have a look at PhysicalMind Store
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