Standing Parasetter MINIS™<br>Marika Molnar<br>Class 2811

Standing Parasetter MINIS™
Marika Molnar
Class 2811

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Hi Cynthia The Parasetter and Minis can both be purchased in the PhysicalMind Store.
Marika I met you in the early 1990's I think you were teaching a foot workshop at Marie Jose Blooms studio in LA.  I am in northern CA near Jean Claude. My minis's arrived today. I loved the class ! I want people to know, attempting to do this with balance foam pads, even with toes & heels off, balance pods, or pool noodle arrangements , IT IS NOT THE SAME!  Great product!  Would you recommend using these with the toe corrector/ theraband loop? Could you please teach a class specifically for bunions & morton toes? Thank You Sarah George Johnson
i would love the see a class on bunions and Morton toes too!
Very nice challenging class with detailed explanations. I love the MINIs for improving balance and helping keep my feet fresh and light, especially since I enjoy running sprints, and had plantar fasciitis issues from years of playing basketball.

My clients love them too, and we sometimes warm on them for a good half hour before the "main" class.
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