How Do You Teach?<br>Tom McCook<br>Tutorial 2822

How Do You Teach?
Tom McCook
Tutorial 2822

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Awesome stuff!! Thank you so much
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Thank you for sharing. I feel both inspired and encouraged. Great insight to compare student-centered versus teacher-centered teaching. Thank you over and over.
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Thank you all for your supportive feedback. I really appreciate the opportunity to share what I've found most useful after all these years. Thank you Pilates Anytime!!
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Inspirational for sure, but also really helpful on a practical level! Thank you!
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Some very interesting points raised in this video thanks
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Thank you for this, really helpful to me x
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Thank you, Tom, this was very inspirational! It is so great to have this network and feel so connected to other teachers around the world! It gives me more energy and more love for my work! And you express ideas so well - so please more! Thanks to PA!!
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Thank you! I agree with you on 100%
Maggie L
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This is awesome - and perfectly timed for me! I already completely resonate with Tom McCook, in terms of developing a style of teaching
Professionalky, and wondered how I could learn more about his background, and viola! It's being shared and presented. What a gift! Thanks you!
Julianna M
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Love this video. Thank you for sharing your approach and wise way of approaching class and movement. Being removed from other teachers for the majority of my career, I often turn to your classes for inspiration. I would love to come take a class or attend a workshop in person one day
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