How Do You Teach?
Tom McCook
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Thank you for this; very helpful indeed. I have only been teaching Pilates for only a couple of years, and I love the fact that I am learning all the time!
Thank you Tom. This is very helpful on teaching a class, and also on how to communicate the value of Pilates work to clients.
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Wow-- thank you.
Thank you, Tom. I definitely agree with your approach. Thank you for your ardent curiosity and inspiration.
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Love Franklin
I just love the way you share information Tom. To everyone else; I hope you will stay tuned for the upcoming Teacher's Corner Program here on Pilates Anytime which Tom has been instrumental in helping us develop.
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Just love what you do Tom. Very much inspired to become a better teacher. Thank you
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Again Tom speaks sage words. Thank you very much for sharing them.
I think of them every time I prepare my classes.
Keep the video's coming please for those of us unable to get to Mountain View regularly.
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Awesome Tom!! Thank you for great sharing and caring??
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Fantastic! You are always an inspiration.
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