"Triple A" Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 2843

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You rock Amy! Happy Halloween!
Amy this is hysterical !! Seriously funny and appreciated :))
fun...but not thrilled with word usage...*ss. Not professional or what I'm used to with Pilates Anytime.
Otherwise, thumbs up!
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Arms,abs ass! I love it! That was so fun! I did it in my mermaid costume. You look great Amy and so did the set !
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Very nice Amy and John! :)
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That was awesome.
Spookyriffic! Thanks.
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Thank you not only for this very fun workout, but for doing it with a client that needs a little extra coaching. Teaching reformer to men is sometimes like herding cats. I might use the 'tamer' wand at my next session.
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That was fantastic!! I laughed so much watching this! I think Amy enjoyed using the stick!! Brilliant. Love you guys have such a
great sense of humour and being British i was most amused by you using the word arse (as well as ass.)
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Always entertaining and fun! Thank you, Amy! Especially enjoyed the arm workout, drawing a sword!
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