"Triple A" Reformer
Amy Havens
Class 2843

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Michele M
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So much fun!! Great and effective practice too:) You both look great!! Thank you!!:)
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I love your sense of humor. Thank you, great workout!
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Fun, refreshingly different & inspiring work out! No issue with the word 'ass' ;))
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I love Halloween and I love the way you teach Amy! This was great for John and you did such a great job coaching him through it! Loved it.Made me smile alot!!
Lauren Ashley
Super cute! I liked your cueing to push the feet into the shoulder blocks with the hip extension with flexed trunk. That really helped me get into my glutes more and will help me tons when cueing clients!!!!
Wow---that you ALL so very much! As you know, I do like Halloween and having fun with it too! Glad you all got our sense of humor here! John is a great student----was my first session with him so I think it went quite well! Happy to hear you all saw that we were doing a real session.....just having a bit of fun with our Steampunk theme! I'll tell you something......that corsette really got me to think about the 'pulling in the ribs' cue we all use often. More on that later........stay tuned!
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I love the use of the word "ass." Thanks for bringing a sense of humor into the day
Angela -- thanks .. so glad you understand our sense of humor!!
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Happy Halloween Amy! Had to revisit this fun one today for the triple A threat! Thanks again!
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terrific class on so many levels ms.Havens ; I loved your cues, flow, voice, choice of exercises. It was fantastic that John is not a perfect client and how you assisted him. I can't say enough good things about this class, except thank you.
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